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Izhak Lax

Advocate, Partner
Adv. Izhak Lax has played key roles in the Israeli business and legal industries during the past 25 years.
Adv. Lax was practiced law at the “Harlap Law Offices” between 1992 and 1995.  From 1995 to 2002, he was a partner at the “Mei-Zahav – Lax Law Offices”, a legal and financial consultancy firm. Between 2002 to 2005 he served as the General Manager of the Claims Department (Liabilities) of the “Menora Insurance Company”.
Adv. Lax is also a member of the "Arbitration Institute of the Israeli Bar" and he is authorized as a Mediator. He also serves as a judge at the National Disciplinary Tribunal of the Israeli Bar.
During the years he served as a lecturer in Bar-Ilan University and at Netanya College.
He is currently a member of the board as well as a member at the auditing committee at "Maccabi Health Services" and deputy chairman at "Kfar Hmaccabiah Ltd".
In 2005, following a longstanding commitment to education, he became General Manager of the “Sharei-Mishpat Law School” in Hod Hasharon.  He served in that position until 2007, when he was appointed General Manager of the “Shalem Center”, Jerusalem.
Lax was a board member and Chairman of numerous public and private companies:  
He was Chairman of "Amidar Israel National Housing Company Ltd" (2014-2017), "Ayalon Holdings Group Ltd" (2015-2016), “Maccabi Health Services Foundation” (2002 – 2014 ),  “Maccabi-Dent” Dental Services (2004 - 2016),  "Weitz Center – for Development Studies" (2011 - 2015),  "Nishmat" – center for advanced Torah study for women (2001-2010),  “Chim-Nir Aviation and Flight Services” (2005-2007) and Chairman of the “Pension Fund of the Israeli Bar” (2007-2010).
He was an external Company Director at the "Israeli Electric Corporation" – public co. (2011-2014) at “Liberty Properties" - public co. (2006 - 2015), at “Orda Print Industries” - public co. (2010 – 2013); at “Yuli Capital” - public co. (2007-2009); and head of the auditing committee of “Dorot Hemshech” at the “Yad Vashem Institute” (2005-2010).
He is currently a member at non-profit organizations, governmental boards and committees including Member of the "Jewish Agency Board of Governors" (2014-2017) and member of the budget & finance committee (since 2014), member of the board of "MASA Company Ltd.",  "Gesher", as well as chairman at "Foundation for Community Renewal in Israel ".
Adv. Lax served as an officer in the IDF. 
Areas of Expertise:
International University of Business & Law, PhD., 2011
Bar Ilan University, MBA, 2006
Bar Ilan University, LL.B., 1991
Membership in the Bar Association:
Member of the Israeli Bar Association since 1993 
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