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Gil Mor

Advocate & Notary, Partner - Insurance and Torts, Litigation on Wills, Inheritances and Estates and Environmental issues.
Adv. Gil Mor engages in a broad range of civil and commercial litigation cases. He specializes in insurance and torts and in litigation related to wills. inheritances & guardianship and environmental law.
Gil’s expertise in litigation covers all areas of civil and commercial law. He provides clients with ongoing support before all legal instances, and on arbitration and mediation processes related to various organizations and institutions, such as Bituach Leumi committees, Ministry of Defense committees, and property tax appeals committees.
Gil holds vast experience in representing plaintiffs in tort claims, ranging from personal injury to property claims, work accidents, road accidents, sports accidents, Bituach Leumi claims, claims due to hostile activities, professional liability, construction defects, restitution claims and more.
Gil also handles medical malpractice suits based on his in-depth familiarity with medical institutions and insurance companies.
Wills and inheritances are another area of specialization, particularly when it comes to inheritance disputes around division of capital and assets, objection to wills, estate management, and intergenerational transfer of assets. Gil provides our private clients with tailored professional attention, ensuring that all legal options available to the client are optimized when drafting a will or an Enduring Power of Attorney.
Gil also has extensive experience in managing large scale claims related to environmental protection. He served for about 10 years as an attorney for the Ministry of Environment, handling hundreds of criminal cases in Haifa and the Northern District. Currently Gil represents and consults various organizations on environmental protection laws at both the civil and criminal level.
Gil is a Notary, and member of the England-Wales Bar Association.
Areas of expertise:
Environmental law
Insurance law
Private clients
Wills, Inheritances & Guardianship
Leeds University, England: LL.B., 1998
Membership in the Bar Association:
Member of the Bar Association, England since 2007
Member of the Israeli Bar Association since 1999
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