Our branch in Romania provides companies and business owners with localized consulting services on company formation, local real estate acquisitions, sales and rentals, drawing up contracts in Romanian, handling work permits, estates and wills, localized litigation services in all courts, as well as obtaining local citizenship.

Establishing Companies & Commercial Contracts

Our firm provides ongoing legal consultancy in Romania on a broad range of legal and commercial areas, as well as representation in proceedings before various local government bodies and all local courts in accordance with Romanian and international law.

We advise inter alia on commercial transactions and contracts, setting up a company, representation at the Registrar of Companies and other administrative bodies, as well as tax planning in compliance with Romanian tax laws and authorities. We also provide legal opinions related to Romanian law on a wide array of matters, including labor laws, insurance and other areas.

Our branch in Romania holds extensive experience in representing Israeli clients in business disputes in Romania in all legal proceedings, including mediation and arbitration. Close familiarity with local legislation enables us to offer professional in-depth consulting to Israeli clients on commercial disputes and real estate disputes of varying complexity.

Oversight and Representation in Real Estate Transactions

Our branch in Romania specializes in all aspects of real estate, including rentals, sale and property management, ongoing yielding real estate development and improvements from the earliest designation and planning stages to complex construction and combination transactions. Our firm will assist you on obtaining financing, planning, and rezoning from the relevant authorities. We enjoy an expansive network of connections with accounting firms, architects, engineers, appraisers and other local experts.

Wills, Estates & Inheritances

Our branch in Romania advises Israeli clients who have property in Romania on executing wills and estates, providing representation in inheritance disputes, execution of wills, and management of estate assets. Additionally, we provide legal opinions on Romanian law in all areas of inheritance and wills.

Romanian Citizenship & Romanian Passport Applications

Our branch in Romania represents clients in the process of obtaining Romanian citizenship, from the stage of identifying Romanian-born relatives to the final issue of a Romanian passport. We assist government authorities in Romania and Israel on locating the necessary documents, and provide fast solutions for procedural issues.

Our firm currently handle more than 500 citizenship applications, and assisted in obtaining Romanian passports for over 1,000 clients.


Feel free to reach out to us with any questions: Center Branch 03-6109100, Haifa Branch 04-8147500, Mobile 054-4251054

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