The firm offers tax planning and consulting services to individuals and companies, as well as international tax planning, customized for each client. The department represents clients in criminal tax and white-collar offenses; handles civil tax litigation (income tax assessments, VAT, customs duty, purchase tax, real estate tax, etc.); and is involved in international taxation matters, including written tax planning opinions, and voluntary disclosure proceedings. In addition, the tax department assists Israeli and foreign clients in complying with the American FATCA and other AML requirements.


Our tax department provides legal advice and guidance to clients from diverse sectors, dealing with complex tax issues that can directly affect their financial strength and, in some cases, their personal liberty. We provide the fastest and most professional solutions for those dealing with tax issues both in Israel and abroad. The department's staff is comprised of highly experienced attorneys as well as accountants and economists, some of whom are veterans of the tax authorities and the State Attorney (Taxation and Economics). Experienced professionals in the department work synergistically with other departments in the office, enjoying the accumulated information and experience resulting from the handling of hundreds of cases and taxation issues of private clients, companies and business clients.


The department accompanies planning and executing transactions in Israel and abroad, while devising strategies and measures that ensure legal and efficient tax management. We help our clients make the most of the benefits provided by law. Our tax department has a special experience in "white collar" offenses, including offenses under the Income Tax Ordinance, Securities Law, VAT Law, Customs Ordinance etc. We guide the client in the early stages of the investigation (including detention and bail), and continue in the later stages - the hearing to prevent indictment, during the litigation vis-à-vis the relevant prosecutor's office, and to the court proceedings if an indictment is filed. In addition, in order to provide a comprehensive legal service envelope, the department works in coordination with the various firm departments, including Dr. Shlomo Ness's expertise (Attorney and accountant) – in guidance and advice to directors on taxation issues, as well as providing services and support to the ultra-Orthodox sector on tax issues, to private clients, institutions and associations as well as tax advice in the context of insolvency proceedings.


Feel free to reach out to us with any questions: Center Branch 03-6109100, Haifa Branch 04-8147500, Mobile 054-4251054

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